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We can't help it, we have opinions, and given the fact that people ask us all the time for our recommendations, here are some of our most frequent recommendations.

Sarkozy Bakery - Essential Office Sweets

img Computers are fickle pieces of machinery, and if the IT Guy isn't given the proper nutritional needs he requires (mainly Coke and baked goods), things can grind to a halt in a hurry. Keep your office running smoothly by stocking your office with treats and sweets from Sarkozy Bakery, and life will be good. IT Guys will stop showering to protest lesser offenses - don't push it.

Hewlett Packard - Computers and Office Equipment

img Printers are the product that made HP an office standard, and still keep them at the top of the market today. Add to that list their laptops and desktops, for home or office, and you've got an all-around supplier of high quality, proven equipment that's affordable for every user.

ShopKeep - POS Developer

img A simple but powerful POS solution for most any need, ShopKeep makes sales easy. Easy to use, it a full-fledged retail and restaurant/service market solution.

Comcash - POS Developer

img If you're looking for a flexible POS system that customizable, expandable, and has corporate-level connectivity, Comcash is a great fit. The iPad-based solution is inexpensive, robust, powerful, easy to use, and easy to manage and integrate into the workflow you already have in place.

Mercury Payment Systems - Credit Card Processing

img One of the top 20 credit card processors in the states, you will have a hard time finding better rates and better service than with Mercury. With optional gift card processing available, it is integrated natively with the Comcash POS solution, making it a no-brainer to pair them together.

Paypal - Online Payment Processing

img You really can't beat the full set of features Paypal offers low-volume payment processors, with competitive rates as well. The security they provide to the consumer and retailer is unmatchable, and the simplicity of its integration with web applications makes it easy to set up and use as well.

Authorize.Net - Online Credit Card Processing

img These people are the gold standard in online credit card processing. Simple, easy to implement APIs make it a breeze to get up and running. And with low fees and monthly costs, it's hard to find a better solution for the price.

Netgear - Network Equipment

img From simple home-owner equipment to scalable and VPN-related products of the office, Netgear has it covered in a simple, easy-to-configure box that'll work right out of the box. Fast and secure, they make great solutions for the common user.

Viewsonic - Screens

img The quality of a Viewsonic monitor or LCD is visible the moment you turn one on. From the styling to the components, Viewsonic displays give you crisp, vibrant color every time, from the brightest pinks to the darkest grays, and everything in between.

ServSafe - Food Safety

img Yep, food safety. Why? Because we like to eat, and we especially like to eat safe food! ServSafe offers food safety certification programs for employees and managers of restaurants nationwide - a great thing if you don't want to have to worry about making it to work the next day!

TouchBase - Tele(no)communications

img Not all our recommendations can be good - there's always one rotten apple that needs to be highlighted as such. TouchBase Communications is just that company. A DBA for SpectroTel, Inc. Telephone, they are a reseller of AT&T products and specialize in promoting lower rates (which they truly supply), but with an emphasis on the "it's about us" attitude. They do provide lower prices, however it's bundled with poor communication, payment expectations regardless of support quality, a lack of responsibility, and a monetized sense of "customer relations". As Quaife warned: "Be afraid, be very afraid!"



Having been in business for over 10 years, we've seen the fads and hype that come and go with computing. We've weeded through what works and what doesn't for our customers, and we've been able to navigate clear of the failures that often come with cutting-edge technology.

If you're contemplating computing changes, and aren't sure where to start or can't decide which route is the best for you, give us a call. Helping you is what we do best.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions or problems you may be having - we'd be happy to be of assistance.

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