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Sometimes we get stuck wishing we had something to do a very specific task, and when we can't find it, we usually end up creating it. It's usually over engineered, does WAY more than it needed to, and wasted WAY WAY more time than the it actually saved us in the end. But, it turned out cool, required impressive amounts of nerdiness, and we obviously did it mostly for the online bragging rights (horns don't blow themselves). So, in an effort to give these projects more life than we're going to give them, we're offering some of our creations up for your use. If you find them helpful - GREAT! If you find errors, report them (we're humble enough to know it's possible - though we're putting our money on finding alien lifeforms first). And if you think it's worth a couple bucks, send us a cup of coffee using the donation button. It's not required, but it'll help offset the small loan we needed to take out to replace all the coffee pots we've burned through making most of these things!

Some of the handy things we've created that turned out to be useful:

Inventory Tracker & CGS On-hand

Inventory CGS screenshot - transactions

We were looking for a spreadsheet that could track inventory. We also asked the gods that it be able to track the cost of the remaining on-hand items. Unfortunately, we couldn't find anything other than a bunch of people claiming it couldn't be done. Se we went and did it ourselves. The spreadsheet below (in a ZIP file) will allow you to track your purchases and sales on one sheet, and give you a report of what you have on-hand and their average cost on another. Download it, play with it to get the hang of how it works, then put it to work for you. If you find it useful, you can send us a donation to cover the cost of the copious amount of coffee that went into creating it!

Inventory CGS screenshot - report

You can download the ZIPped Excel file here.

Group Server Shutdown scripts

Group Server Shutdown scripts

Got a bunch of machines you'd like to shut down, but don't want to have to leave the coffee and donuts behind to do it? Ta Da! We were lazy enough to spend 8 hours figuring out these scripts so you can drink that coffee before it gets cold (and leave you enough energy to get more, after a nap). This group of scripts puts a little script on a server that will shut it down if it see a status file on an FTP site (or network share) tell it to. VERY low key and overhead, no frills - just have any numnber of machines turned off all at the same time. Power outage, and not enough battery to keep them alive till the generator gets connected? A double-click, and they're all on their way down. Got a virus that's spreading like wildfire and need to keep it from getting worse? A double-click, and you're the hero. Modify these scripts to do other things - it's the control mechanism that's handy. One machine to manage the trigger, the rest just do as told. We could've make it so you could target a specific server or subgroup of servers - but we had donuts that were going stale, so we didn't get that far.

You can download the ZIPped collection of Windows Batch files and FTP scripts here.

Legendary Marvel Game Dividers

Legendary Marvel Game Dividers

Legendary Marvel Game DividersLegendary Marvel Game Dividers

Not really a tool, but this is a good spot for Google to find these, and let you know they are available. We spend a great deal of time playing this game when we're (not) working, and found these to be super helpful in organizing the game cards, especially if you've collected as many expansion sets as we're planning on owning. However, we had to go to multiple links to find all these PDF files, so we thought we'd offer them here in one download. We take no credit for these - they are the brainchild of Finnea15 and jschumpert over at We just clumped them together to make them easier to get. There's the original full-artwork V1 version, and a simplier V2 artwork version.

Also listed is a ZIP of all the ruleset PDFs from UpperDeck as well - in case someone chooses to call you on your interpretation of the card instructions. These came directly from UpperDeck's download page - we take no credit for them either.

You can download the ZIPped Finnea15/JSchumpert V1 Card Dividers PDFs here.

You can download the ZIPped Finnea15 V2 Lite Card Dividerss PDFs here.

You can download the ZIPped Legendary Marvel Rulesets (Official and Unofficial) here.

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