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We pretty much believe everything that gets emailed our way. We respond to every loan offer and lottery notification we get, but we really like the awards that get sent our way each and every week. They say Big Government is tracking us more and more each day, but in our case, it appears someone out there is at least keeping track of just how satisfied our customers are from year to year. We know we have great service, and people speak highly of our efforts and abilitites, but it really warms our hearts to know that we alone have been chosen as the recipients of these awards for so many years in a row. Thank you, Kalamazoo!

Here they are:

Press Release - 2022


Newman IT Solutions, Inc. inspiration for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (maybe)

COVID-19 response credited with superhero effort (defintely)

KALAMAZOO December 8, 2022 -- Newman IT Solutions, Inc., underrated superheros of the computing galaxy

There's nothing like a group of determined lifeforms soldiering on, overcoming adversity and battling against the odds - it's inspiring, motivational, and makes for a darn good movie script. We like to think that our response to COVID-19 was the stuff great movies are based on - the struggle, the determination, the triumph - but when they said we were indirect inspiration for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, we were a little disappointed. We searched the furthest corners of the Internet for KN95 masks, we deciphered the guildelines on when we could get our booster shots, we only lingered at the donut shop long enough to get the critical daily gossip - yet our efforts seemed to go unnoticed, or worse yet, misinterpreted (no one here looks like an angry raccoon, not even on our best day!). There were no award annoucements marking our heroism, no emails notifying us of our global popularity, not one offer to purchase yet another glass representation of our achievements - instead, near complete silence (if you ignore Jeremy's sobbing). We struggled to understand this loss of identity, of recognition, until we realized what it meant - the Awards Programs we'd relied on for these many years had fallen victim to their own unpreparedness, like so many other businesses that closed during COVID. At the time, it seemed impossible - how could such a robust and integral part of our existance be so fragile and fleeting?

Keeping networks safe and secure, everyday!

Then it came to us...
They weren't our customers. They'd failed to sense the disruption in their computing universe - they didn't have the Guardians watching over their technology. Yeah, that's a stretch, but the point is the same - with our years of experience, we probably could've identified the weak spots in their systems, and rather than exploit those for our own evil purposes, we could've helped them build a stronger and safer network, implement more reliable hardware and configure more resiliant systems. And we would've done it without all the hype that goes with the extra muscle mass and leotard outfits (actually, that's company policy - you do NOT want Jimmy showing up in his Gamora cosplay). If all that had happened, we'd be gloating about yet another round of awards - but instead, we're lamenting the loss of another great aspect of the Internet. So, don't let a false sense of security lull your company into thinking it's got everything covered - give us a call and let us save the day and put our superhero (inspiring) efforts to work for you.

Press Release - 2019 & 2020


Newman IT Solutions, Inc. Receives 2019 & 2020 Best of Kalamazoo Award (Thank you! Thank you!)

Kalamazoo Award Program Honors Our Achievement (this NEVER gets old!)

KALAMAZOO May 26, 2020 -- Newman IT Solutions, Inc. still dominates the competition (whoever they are - we haven't met them yet!).

Getting tired of hearing how great your IT Guy is? We aren't either! Like spam, our ability to win this award year after year almost seems inevitable - like we couldn't lose even if we never opened the email! I mean, who can pull this off year, after year, after year, after … (you get the idea).  Apparently, only we can - Newman IT Solutions - the undisputed leader in Southwest Michigan for all your computing needs.  The only technical support your company is ever going to need.  The best home computing support company for today, and tomorrow.  Kalamazoo's most technologically advanced support option, hands down.  When you need support you need the best - call Newman IT! At least we think that's what this award means - why else would they keep giving it to us, year after year?

Oooohhhh - Red, White, and Blue!

Maybe becuase we're all that - and more.

Ever wonder what makes a great tech support company?
We've been pondering that for years.  Our answer - great, knowledable people who listen and grasp the problem at hand without making assumptions.  Your computing issues probably aren't unheard of (we've seen LOTS of stuff go wrong), but they're probably unique to your situation.  Our goal is to find a solution to match your problem, and fix it with as little disruption as possible, in a manner that meets your requirements, and to your satisfaction.  Need down and dirty, up and running, as fast as possible - can do.  Need it fixed the right way, the first time, so it doesn't happen again - we'll make a plan and implement it.  Need a solution that won't break the bank, expose you to COVID, or put you in touch with that Nigerian Prince that's constantly emailing you - satisfaction guaranteed.  We make sure you get the solution you need, not the one we're currently pushing with a 15% discount, today only!  We aren't like the competition - which is probably why we aren't too worried about who they are.  We do it the way you need it to be done - any other way just isn't acceptible.

Find out why we've been winning this award, year after year, after year, after … and give us a call.

Press Release - 2017


Newman IT Solutions, Inc. Receives Best of Kalamazoo Award for 2016 & 2017
(Dang! We Good!)

Kalamazoo Award Program Honors Our Achievement ("we humbly except...")

KALAMAZOO November 30, 2017 -- Newman IT Solutions, Inc. - there's no stopping us!.

There are times where you're working, head down, senses running high on donuts and Coke, and your concentration is interupted by the chime of the email machine. Utterly broken, you give in to the urge and check your phone while wiggling the mouse on the keyboard so you can check your email on two machines at once. So imagine our surprize (doubled) when we got the email today announcing, once again (what is this, 5 years running?), that we've recieved the Best of Kalamazoo award! We've been working so hard we completely forgot to let our customers know about last years award, but we decided instantly that we couldn't let that mistake happen again this year, so we dropped the laptop we were working on (a replacement screen will be here on Monday - sorry, we were a little excited) and typed up this little paragraph before we could forget about it.

Not that we like to brag -
but we did it again!

These awards mean a great deal to us here at Newman IT Solutions - our entire year is driven by the expectation that these types of emails will arrive in our InBox. It's so gratifying to get a token of this community's gratitude for our push for excellence and dedication to making your computing world a better, safer and more enjoyable experience. Without our customers, we'd have no outlet for our creative solutions or task to occupy our inquisitive minds and tenacious spirits (yes, we could find "real" jobs, but we'd have to update our work attire, and most of us have no idea what current fashion trends are, but we hear that not shaving is back in style again, so that's good).


We are a little troubled that our repeated success in the domination of the Kalamazoo Computing Realm is so overwhelming. We expect that we won't get it right ALL the time (they say there's always a first time...), so preparations for the worst have not yet been necessary, but we don't sit back waiting for it to happen either. We assume that at any moment, one of us could completely disappoint a customer and permanently ruin our reputation. We make sure our techs are fully prepared (from 12" floppies to SSD drives) and ready to meet any and every challenge our customers present us with. Maybe that's why we keep getting called back to recieve this reward - our dedication to making sure your computing experience is the best it can be - period.

Whatever the reason, we're glad that Kalamazoo is worthy of our perfection, and appreciate the oppportunity to, once again, be the Best of Kalamazoo!

You can view the award announcement here - We Rock!

Press Release - 2015


Newman IT Solutions, Inc. Receives 2015 Best of Business Award
(it's a wonder the competition still exists!)

Small Business Community Association Honors Our Achievement (sheepish grin here!)

KALAMAZOO August 11, 2015 -- Newman IT Solutions, Inc. - how the competition stays in business, we just can't figure out!.

We're beginning to think we may have found the perfect formula for creating a successful business. We have a HUGE list of customers, and they actually like us - that in itself is pretty remarkable. And not "like" us in today's terms (a.k.a. Facebook), but actually smile when they see us show up, laugh at our jokes, and complement us on our trend-setting attire. AND they call us back - the best part about spending all that time to get to know them in the first place! Clearly, our business model has leaked, because Rich Thurman and his Small Business Community Association just sent us this lovely award that highlights our excellent services and jokes. According to the email we received announcing our winnings (again!), "The Small Business Community Association has been dedicated to empowering and recognizing small business owners who make a difference in their respective communities since 2006." While we wonder what took them so long to find us (we've been doing this since 2001), they did say we had become part of an "elite community of small business owners that comprise less than 1% of total business owners in the United States." How's that for impressive!

Rich Thurman's
2015 Seal of Approval


2016 Seal of Approval

We'd like to think that our great smiles, award-winning service, great sense of humor, and our willingness to tackle any little technical problem your company might be experiencing was why we were chosen. However, we're beginning to think there may be something more sinister behind this series of awards. While Small Business Community Association seems sincere enough, we were a little surprised that they would allow the name of the our award category to get cut off on the plaque! I mean, really, that's something a poorly-written computer program would do if it were programmed to generate awards randomly and automatically based on publicly-available corporate data (not to minimize the efforts of the human effort put into the award they created for us).

The other amazing thing was that when we went to pay the $57 for the award (it was reduced from $97, and we love a bargain!), we noticed that we could customize the award to our liking. Now this, we decided, was a very cool feature, as it would allow us to fix the aforementioned cut off name issue (someone was thinking!). So we combined our attention to detail with the efforts of our marketing group, and decided to use the award to highlight the astronomical advancements our newest department has made since it launched 2 months ago - the Interstellar Commerce Group. While it's still in its rollout stage, and therefore not technically profitable yet, we're still amazed at the speed in which they've collected and allocated resources to get this endeavor off the ground (3 foil hats and a dowsing rod from the 1580's that we found online [it was even used by Karl Spiesberger!]).

We'd like to thank all of our clients who made this award possible (including Steven). If there's a ceremony in Pleasant Dale, Nebraska, this coming weekend, be prepared to climb on the corporate jet and double the town's population for the day!

You can view it online here (live version)

You can view it online here (cached version)

Yeah to us!

Press Release - 2015


Newman IT Solutions, Inc. Receives 2015 Best of Kalamazoo Award
(Oh yeah, oh yeah!)

Kalamazoo Award Program Honors Our Achievement (whoop! whoop!)

KALAMAZOO June 9, 2015 -- Newman IT Solutions, Inc. just can't seem to lose this contest!.

Honestly, we're really just a great bunch of balding, middle-aged techies that enjoy our jobs, but this is beginning to get even a little too much for our egos.  This makes 3 years in a row that we've won this award (if you don't count all the email announcements from years prior that we thought were really just a joke and deleted), and we're starting to get a little self-concious!  We don't think of ourselves as the Rock Stars of the computing realm in Kalamazoo, but I think after this, we're just going to have to accept the fact and move on.  Maybe we'll contact the energy drink company and see if they'll sponsor us - it looks like they might be thinking along the same lines, as their newest product is using our custom colors - we doubt it's a coincidence!

Potential Sponsorship -
we could use the boost!

One of the questions we keep getting about this award:

How do you keep winning this award?

We don't know - we fill out forms and surveys all the time (mostly trying to win free trips to the Bahamas or coffee from Speedway), so maybe we slipped up and actually filled one out that was productive.  Maybe they called us to help fix their custom email application (probably nicknamed S.P.A.M) and we completely impressed them with our ability to fix it quickly, the first time around.  Or more likely, they made the mistake of surveying one of our mothers (we find them to be SO thankful we have jobs that they can't shut up about it - like they're surprised or something!).

Whatever turn of events has prompted this 3rd-year award, we're grateful and amazed for it.  We know we always strive to be the best - and it's nice to know that we might be getting closer, and that our customers are seeing it as well.  If you had a hand in this year's award, thank you!  (and if you did, could you suggest that they change the style of the award next year? Our Wall of Fame is getting a little repetative - thanks.)

You can view it online here - Yeah to us!

Press Release - 2014


Newman IT Solutions fails to recieve J.D. Power recognition award

"While devastated, we will carry on and aim for next year." - President, Newman IT Solutions, Inc.

KALAMAZOO October 24, 2014 -- Newman IT Solutions, once again, has failed to be recognized by the J.D. Power survey company.

Okay, we weren't expecting to ACTUALLY win an award - we didn't even nominate ourselves for any of them, but still, we were pretty sure we had a shot. Considering our drive towards support excellence, we were confident we were one up on the rest of the competition. We took their automotive survey categories and applied them our company, and, through our highly scientific testing, polling, and lobbying, we out-performed any of the actual automotive winners!

Let's compare:

Performance and Design - I'm pretty sure we're better at optimizing the performace of your computer than any car company could be. I mean, they can't even seem to get the cup holder in the right spot most of the time - you think they're going to be able to find that hidden bit of malware that's bogging down your system? And design - really? Have you seen the Mitsubishi i-Miev or the Fiat Multipla? For the most part, a computer is a square box with a couple of ports and a power button - we think you can trust us to find you a computer with a little better design work than they could, and for a great deal cheaper.

Quality Ratings - This one seemed like we couldn't lose! How many times have you seen cars pulled over on the side of the road, immobile? Ever seen a computer there, looking that pathetic? Didn't think so, because we're better than that. If it's not working, we won't let you take it out for a spin. We can't have our good reputation sitting dead on the side of the road! Besides, we'd have to go out, find it, and bring it back, and that just seems like a lot of extra work to get a computer fixed. (Because SOMEONE will bring this up... Nick's tablet doesn't count - he drove over it, it didn't die on it's own. And we never found Craig's after if flew off the back of his truck, so again, does not qualify. They were good, quality machines, right up to the end)

Dependability Ratings - In the bag! Does your car tech come to your office to fix your car? Neither will we, but we'll stop by and make sure your computer is running top-notch if you need us to. You can also bring it in for an appointment, and we won't make you sit in the lobby while we finish the 34th level of Chicken Comando - World Domination. We'll fix it and bring it back to your office, and you'll avoid having to complement us on our coffee-making skills and snack selection.

Sales Satisfaction - Considering we don't sport the slicked-back styles of most car salesmen (our superior balding abilities trump popular fashion again!), you'll find that we won't give you a hard sell either. We ask what you'd like, we let you know if that's even possible ("Sorry, the 4th generation of NSA SuperComputer processors aren't available yet, and they wouldn't be compatible with your clamshell notebook anyway"), and we'll give you a realistic price. No sticker shock, but people do cry with joy when they figure out they won't have to take out a loan to afford our services.

So, by comparison, it's clear we should've won something from J.D.Power. Maybe we'll send in for a media packet and see if they give us something we can put on the shelf - at least we'll get some recognition from them that we exist.

Press Release - 2014


Newman IT Solutions, Inc. Receives 2014 Best of Kalamazoo Award (again!)

Kalamazoo Award Program Honors Our Achievement (again!)

KALAMAZOO July 29, 2014 -- Newman IT Solutions, Inc. has done it again (now we're just kicking ass and taking names - bring it on!).

Okay, we bragged a little when we got (the chance to purchase) this award last fall, after having aleady recieved it earlier that spring, but really, earning (the chance to purchase) it twice in the same year was a big deal (and expensive).  We will admit, however, that when we didn't recieve our winning notification this spring, we were a little disappointed.  A new awards case with space reserved for this years awards had been built, and the 2014 shelf sat empty WAY longer than was good for our egos.  Thank you to all that helped us be the great company we are (we hope!).

Rumored awards ceremony - we can't wait!

One of the better questions that has been asked about this award:

What is the Kalamazoo Award Program?
Each year, in and around the Kalamazoo area, the Kalamazoo Award Program chooses only the best local businesses.  We focus on companies that have demonstrated their ability to use various marketing methods to grow their business in spite of difficult economic times.  The companies chosen exemplify the best of small business; often leading through customer service and community involvement. 

For most companies, this recognition is a result of your dedication and efforts as well as the work of others in your organization that have helped build your business.  Your team is now a part of an exclusive group of small businesses that have achieved this selection.

You can view it online here - we are so proud!

Press Release - Late 2013


Newman IT Solutions, Inc. Receives 2013 Best of Kalamazoo Award (again?)

Kalamazoo Award Program Honors our Achievement (twice in one year!)

KALAMAZOO December 18, 2013 -- Newman IT Solutions, Inc. has done it again (somehow).

We'd like to take this opportunity to brag a little - clearly we have the right to, as we've, once again (in the same year, no less), been honored for outstanding skills. With the excellence we've shown over the year, it's obvious why we won this award - we rock! Okay, enough bragging - we'd like to share a little of the promotional information that the award company used to try to get us to accept (buy) our award:

Strategic Value
Today, small businesses and entrepreneurs are facing the challenges of an increasingly competitive local economy. While many businesses have taken on various initiatives to continue to grow, a select few have been able to benefit from the strategic value of business awards.

Sales Tool
Paula Arnold, owner of SmarterTech Business Systems, learned firsthand from a former manager that a business award can be an account executive's ace-in-the-hole. "Used effectively, business awards are yet another sales tool to aid in the close of business," says Arnold.

Free Publicity
Mr. Anderson, manager of Acme Health Corp. understands the value of award competitions. Anderson says, "We believe it (business awards) helps validate what we do in the company and enhances our ability to keep good people." PR might be difficult to measure on the bottom line but it is invaluable.

And one of the better questions that has been asked about this type of award:

Shouldn't my award be free?
We'll answer this: No, nothing worth anything can be gotten for free. Hard work is it's own reward - we prove that here every day. If we were in the business of slacking off and still hoping to get paid, we wouldn't still be in business! (We're still not paying for this award - we'll wait till they call us up on stage where they'll have to give it to us. Otherwise they'd just look cheap!)

Press Release - Early 2013


Newman IT Solutions, Inc. Receives 2013 Best of Kalamazoo Award

Kalamazoo Award Program Honors the Achievement

KALAMAZOO May 17, 2013 -- Newman IT Solutions, Inc. has been selected for the 2013 Best of Kalamazoo Award in the Custom Computer Programming Services category by the Kalamazoo Award Program.

Each year, the Kalamazoo Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Kalamazoo area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2013 Kalamazoo Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Kalamazoo Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Kalamazoo Award Program

The Kalamazoo Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Kalamazoo area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Kalamazoo Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Kalamazoo Award Program

Kalamazoo Award Program

You can view it online here

Wow, are we ever humbled...

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