Sarkozy Bakery is Back!


There are few things in life as good and memorable as a good loaf of bread - breaking open loaves of fresh, warm, aromatic bread are some of the best memories of childhood. Kalamazoo has been missing this experience since early 2012 when the Sarkozy Bakery burned to the ground. With the bakery went many great memories for a large number of the Kalamazoo community. However, on September 5, 2012, Judy Sarkozy and her band of merry breadmakers announced to the world (thanks Internet) that they were coming back! They'll be opening a new bakery in Downtown Kalamazoo, thanks to the help of many inspiring individuals and companies that are helping Judy relocate and rebuild. Community support for this adventure has largely come from the people of Kalamazoo - people that Judy has befriended, endeared and inspired through her personality, her bakery, her activism for and support of the community, and her determination to make Kalamazoo a better place than when she arrived.

Newman IT Solutions is proud to be one of the many organizations in Kalamazoo helping Judy and her merry band of bakers rebuild and get started again. We have offered to help the Sarkozy Bakery with financing computer systems, networking, printers - whatever they feel they need to get back up and running. We've been known to pass up a profit when there's something more rewarding on the horizon, and cheese danishes ALWAYS look better than profits to us! So, you can rest assured that when the bakery reopens, they'll be up and running on equipment designed to keep them working quickly and efficiently. They'll be spending more time on making breads than worrying about how to sell them - intentionally.

In the meantime, you can help too! Through the Buy Your Bread Ahead (BYBA) program, you can pre-order bread, and help the bakery get started with an infusion of money that will get things moving along sooner. Your "order" will be turned into an account preloaded with your funds that you can use in-store to buy any of the wonderful Sarkozy Bakery products you want - Oatmeal Bread, Hot Cross Buns, Danishes, Cookies, Croissants - whatever they're baking, your welcome to purchase with your account. The amount you put in the account is up to you - $20, $40, $100 - whatever you want to commit to spending at the bakery. $100 will keep your toaster loaded with your daily toast for about a year - heavenly!

Please consider pre-ordering your baked goods now. Use the Paypal button below to create an account with Sarkozy Bakery that you can use to purchase goods in the store when they reopen.

UPDATE: It is with great zeal that we celebrate the return of Ciabatta bread from Sarkozy Bakery! We love a good round of French bread, French baguettes with cheese and butter, and Oatmeal bread for morning toast, but when you just want the warm, sweet, chewy taste of good bread, Ciabatta is what you have to have - and once again, Sarkozy Bakery does! A new oven, a new location, but undeniably, the same old (and maybe better) bread is once again flowing out the front door of Sarkozy Bakery. If you haven't gotten the chance to stop it, smell the bread, and check out the new location, do so - your taste buds and your brain will thank you!

Buy Your Bread Ahead (BYBA) Program



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